This is simply meant to be a small collection of essays about From Eroica With Love, a Japanese shoujo (girls') manga series. They cover a wide range of topics, from the story arcs to the outside influences to the art style to... well, anything else I can think of. I go through bouts of obsession with this series, so I decided to make a place to vent off all my excess energies when this happens. I collect quite a lot of interesting information, and I like to talk.

Some of them are me trying to read a lot of meaning and symbolism into the stories, and in a lot of cases, I do think there's something to that. Some of them are... less than enlightening, and me just freaking out. In particular, the essays on Princess Gold are just my thoughts and notes. Nothing to see there, really.

From Eroica With Love is by Yasuko Aoike. It started in the magazine Viva Princess in 1976, moved to Princess magazine in 1978, then to Princess Gold in 2008. It has been running off an on for over thirty years. The story is episodic, but spans thirty-seven volumes and several spinoff series.

Although, if you somehow found this page without knowing basic Eroica info, that's kind of weird. Actually, bravo for finding this page at all.

Page started March 9th, 2010.

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