If you need to contact me about my sites for any reason at all, please, PLEASE feel free to do so, especially if you'd like to give me something for them, like fics or art or whatever. I also enjoy compliments and criticisms as well. Actually, I enjoy any kind of communication. However, forgive me, for I am very slow at replying. Sorry ^_^; Please send any mail in reguards to all my pages to the following address:

my preferred, primary e-mail address: rumika at futaba-chan dot net

And that is the only method with which I wish to be contacted. Most other webmasters will post their AIM screenname, ICQ numbers, or the MIRC channels they frequent, but I don't have ICQ anymore, I don't frequent any rooms at MIRC, and I prefer to keep my IM screenname to people I know well or IRL. That a good contact section? I sure hope so ^_^